Highgate MBA Admissions Testimonials


Working with Highgate was hands down the best decision I made throughout my business school application process. When other admissions consultants urged me not to apply to HBS because they didn't believe my application was strong enough, Joan and Breanna saw my strengths and were relentless in pushing me to uncover and shape them in a way that was wholly true to who I am while being compelling to Admissions Committees. Having such a high level of attention from two experts with such unique, yet complementary perspectives was an entirely different approach from what many of my peers experienced with other admissions consultants. It was this approach that contributed most directly to the great outcomes that I had in getting accepted at all of the schools to which I applied (Tuck, Darden, Wharton, and Harvard). I am thrilled to be heading to Harvard this fall.

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Getting help from Highgate was the best thing I did during my application process. This is not your standard essay review firm, Joan and Breanna are your mentors during the process. They helped me at every step, from framing my story through mock interviews. I really loved the advice I received--- it was not just about answering the essays, but it was about telling my story. Joan and Breanna understand that there is no one-size-fits-all plan. They spent a lot of time listening to my story before even looking at my essays. They clearly know what admissions committees at different schools look for. I am really happy I ended up using Highgate. I would recommend them to any prospective MBA student. I only applied to one school, Columbia, and am headed there in the fall!

I started the application process alone and struggled to find my voice in the written application until Joan and Breanna stepped in. They challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone to tell the story that only I could tell. There were no cookie cutter solutions, formulas, or profiles. Breanna and Joan were there every step of the way, fully committed to me as an individual and to capturing the strengths of my military background. Every detail of my application was analyzed with expert eyes and I was provided with the feedback that pushed me to dig deeper. The incredible introspection we accomplished during the written applications paid off in the interview process. Breanna and Joan's spot-on mock interviews drove the point home and I felt completely comfortable when I finally reached the Admission Committees. I can't write a strong enough recommendation. I was a state school undergrad, and am headed to Harvard in September.

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Highgate transformed me from a 98-pound-MBA-application-weakling into an HBS alum! Before I started working with Highgate, I had:

  • A mediocre GMAT score (610 / 77th percentile at that time)
  • An embarrassing GPA (3.18 / bottom 39th percentile of my college graduating class - and we're not talking about an Ivy League school either)
  • Direct competition against several thousand other Wall Street investment banking analysts for a spot in one of the top b-schools, and
  • Absolutely no clue how to navigate the MBA admissions process

Highgate couldn't fix my GPA, but they did help me communicate the best of who I am to MBA admissions committees. Highgate encouraged me to find a GMAT tutor (retesting with a 740 / 98th percentile), gave me an understanding of what experiences I should draw upon when writing my essays, prepared me for what to expect in interviews - in short - gave me a clue, and a fighting chance. If Highgate could help me, they will help you.