Highgate MBA Admissions Home

Our Mission

Highgate is dedicated to helping a select number of candidates to top business schools successfully negotiate the application process. Each applicant will work exclusively with both of Highgate's founders, one a Harvard MBA, the other an experienced admissions committee member.

The vast majority of applicants to top-tier schools-- approximately eighty percent-- are entirely qualified for admission.

Because we have been there, Highgate knows that the people who work on admissions committees favor those whose experience and vision comes to life on the page, in the interview, and through recommendations. Admissions committees look for the distinguished, not simply the qualified. Highgate brings you there utilizing our experience in the admissions office, in the business world, and by purposefully limiting the number of clients we assist. We offer a unique, indivualized approach -- not one-size-fits-all frameworks-- that focuses on your experiences and abilities.